A Cycling Holiday on Lake Maggiore

“If you have a heart and a shirt, sell your shirt and visit the shores of Lake Maggiore.” This is how Stendhal – in one of his literary notes – recalled the beauties and emotions experienced on Lake Maggiore during his stay in these areas.

But he was not the only one to appreciate the enchanting beauties of the lake. Montesquieu and Rosseau, Byron, Dumas and Flaubert and many other French, English and German authors were also of the same opinion as Stendhal. They stayed here and were fascinated by the harmony of the colours and landscapes, by the suggestive views of the alleys and houses and by the serenity that only the lake can transmit, especially at sunrise or sunset.

Famous people from the past and present have lived on the shores of Lake Maggiore, who have appreciated its natural beauties and evocative atmospheres.

A cycling holiday on Lake Maggiore inevitably leads to the discovery of new destinations, unprecedented views and is an opportunity to get away, physically and mentally, from the metropolitan chaos of everyday life, from the columns in the car, from the stressful sound of the horn, but also from the plastered and formal workplaces, from the hectic pace of the work to be closed and those to be delivered.

And that’s not all, because – in addition to helping the relaxation of body and mind – riding a bike along Lake Maggiore allows you to spend a holiday in the open air, thanks to the organized tours, and also enjoy the pleasure of the journey, the path to cross that allows us to reach the final destination.

By car, train or plane, means that allow fast movements, you lose the sense of travel and focus exclusively on the “after”, on the moment when you get to your destination.

A cycling holiday, on the other hand, allows us to revolutionise all this and to rediscover the beauty of the intermediate stages that separate us from our destination. Cycling along Lake Maggiore also allows us to appreciate the landscapes we cross, the smells and scents that surround us, to meet new people with whom to exchange impressions and experiences, to see new glimpses that would otherwise go unnoticed and thus get in touch with the environment in which we are immersed.

If you plan to spend your summer holidays on Lake Maggiore opting for cycling holidays, here are some places that you can not miss:

  1. The Borromean Islands, true jewels of nature, where man has contributed to create romantic and exciting environments.
  2. The Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso, in Leggiuno, where history and culture blend with the unspoilt landscape.
  3. A ride on Lake Maggiore express, the train that will take you to new places, along the shores of the lake.
  4. The city of Stresa, an enchanting refuge for all ages.

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