Book Your Holiday In Otranto In Salento

Otranto is a town located in Puglia, in the province of Lecce, in the Salento peninsula.

Geographical Characteristics

The peculiarity of Otranto is that it is located at the meeting point between two seas, Adriatic and Ionian, with a spectacular color of water.

In this point you can admire both the sunrise and the sunset, in a really suggestive scenery.

It is also the easternmost point of the Italian peninsula and is a few kilometers as the crow flies from the coast of Albania, and the arm of sea that separates the two lands is called the channel of Otranto.

The homonymous head of Otranto is also called Punta Palascìa, the extreme tip of the peninsula.

Book Online

If you would like to spend your holidays in Salento in the area of Otranto, the best way to book your holidays in Otranto is certainly to contact a travel agency or one of the online tourist portals, where you can find many facilities suited to your needs in the chosen location.

Often the tourist portals give the opportunity to consult the availability of various facilities based on various parameters to be included in a form that gives in real time all the facilities for a given location.

Just enter the period provided for the holidays, the number of people, the location, the type of structure, and you will have in a few seconds an overview of all the facilities available according to their directions.

Thus you can find hotels, b&b, farmhouses, holiday homes, according to the various needs of tourists, and you can analyze online the characteristics of each structure before booking the holidays.

So the best way to book your holidays in Otranto is to consult online all the various locations and locations before choosing the one that suits you.

The City Of Otranto And Its Surroundings

Otranto is an important archiepiscopal seat and tourist centre, and the Terra d’Otranto in the past was an ancient district belonging to the Kingdom of Naples.

The ancient town in 2010 was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also part of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

In the surroundings of Otranto there are various archaeological sites of considerable importance, such as the hypogeum of Torre Pinta, the Grotta dei Cervi, in the bay of Porto Badisco, with numerous testimonies of graffiti and ancient prehistoric paintings on the walls, ritual figures and hunting scenes.

Another attraction of the place is the bauxite lake, south of Otranto, near Baia delle Orte. It is an old bauxite quarry, in use in the ’60s and ’70s.

The quarry was abandoned in 1976 and a nearby water table has formed a small lake that today is a typical swamp area with various aquatic plants.

The best way to book your holidays in Otranto is to decide the area you would like to visit and then make a practical online booking to stop one of the many accommodations where you can spend beautiful holidays.

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