Elba Island: Relaxing Holidays Immersed In The Most Uncontaminated Nature

Holidays on Elba are one of the destinations that sooner or later in life an Italian must plan. The island of Elba is an enchanting place that encloses a pristine nature, beautiful beaches, all seasoned with the classic Tuscan hospitality.

There are many hotels on Elba, and all equipped to accommodate any type of tourism. It is possible to find hotels in Elba of all categories, for a holiday suitable for all budgets: from those who want to spend little, without sacrificing comfort and excellent hospitality, to those who want an extra luxury holiday. Everyone can find the best solution and make their holiday on Elba unforgettable.

The enchanting places of this Tuscan island, a few steps from the coast has conquered any tourist who has decided to spend his holidays in this place.

Developed mainly as a tourist destination, the island has designed and built a series of services designed precisely for tourists who come here. Among these, we can absolutely report a network of connections really efficient, with many ferries that cover this route. For those who choose the plane, however, on the island there is a very efficient airport, which also allows foreign tourists to easily access the island.

As said before, of particular interest also the receptive net with structures of quality, resident, campsites and obviously hotels, present in the eight communes that compose this island. There are many reasons to choose a holiday on Elba.

Among these, in addition to the crystal clear sea, unspoiled nature, excellent food, there is also the culture that this place can offer and the opportunity to experience the sea at 360 °. The island of Elba, in fact, has unique beaches of its kind, if only for the variety and type of scenery available to tourists. In addition to the classic sandy beaches, you can find pebble beaches, small hidden coves where you can only get there by boat, or cliffs of extraordinary beauty, to leave you breathless. The most popular beaches are certainly those with very fine sand, and allow you to find the natural habitat to rest and enjoy a bit of relaxation. Among these, we recommend, of course, that of Cavoli and La Biodola. The first beach is located in the southern part of Elba near the town of Marina di Campo, and is presented as a tongue of sand very long, with a shallow and crystal clear, especially suitable for those on holiday with young children, who can experience the sea here in maximum safety. The same can be said of La Biodola, which with its 600 meters of equipped beach, is also suitable for those who want to practice some activities at sea such as diving or snorkeling.

Elba, as we said, is not only white sandy beaches, but its territory, near the town of Portoferraio, offers the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beach of Samson, which is made of white pebbles, or that of Padulella, which is about 150 meters long, and is a real gem with truly extraordinary colors. Of particular beauty is the beach of L’Enfola, which is located in the northern part of the island, and which consists of an isthmus of sand.

Finally, we could not even talk about the beautiful rocky coast of the island of Elba, which has bays very collected, ideal for those who do not like the confusion and want to live a holiday surrounded by unspoiled nature. Among the most beautiful we can certainly report: Capo Sant’Andrea, Patresi and Chiessi, all located in the western part of the island immediately after the town of Marciana.

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