Travel Policy: The Ideal Protection For Your Tourist Itinerary

Why is it important to start out protected by a Travel Policy?

When you plan to go on a nice holiday, whether it’s short or long, it doesn’t matter, the first things you normally focus on are choosing a hotel, booking your plane ticket and any guided tours or excursions.

That’s right.

Organizing ourselves in the best possible way is fundamental and responds to our instinctive desire to prepare everything down to the last detail, especially when we really want everything to go in the right direction and the planned holiday turns into a dream come true.

Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, leaving for a trip does not only mean fun and cultural enrichment but also exposing you and your friends to a whole series of risks and unforeseen events.

These unexpected and very annoying events can happen, unfortunately, at any time and therefore before, during and after departure.

The more time you spend on the road, the higher the probability of getting into a claim.

In terms of handling a claim, it’s one thing to do this while you’re spending a month’s holiday in a holiday village in Sicily, and another thing to do is to handle such an incident while you’re exploring India or South America.

And we are not referring only to the economic damage but to the emotional and logistical repercussions caused by being forced to cancel the holiday or to continue it between a thousand difficulties and bureaucratic headaches.

How can we protect ourselves from all this?

The best solution to live your travel experience as peacefully as possible is to take out a Travel Insurance.

This type of policy has been specially designed to secure your movements and your personal assets, whether your destination is in Italy or abroad.

Annual And Single Trip Policies: Two Interesting Options

Taking out Single Trip Insurance guarantees you 1 month of itinerary coverage.

If you are planning a short tourist route, this is the ideal solution.

The Annual Travel Insurance, on the other hand, is very useful when you plan to leave several times in the same calendar year.

Whether you leave 3 times or 10 times, by paying a single annual premium you will be insured for all the tourist trips you make during the year.

What does Travel Insurance cover?

Among the various aspects to be considered carefully when deciding to take out a Travel Insurance is the type of guarantees to be included in the policy contract.

What is meant by guarantees?

The type of risk for which you wish to receive insurance cover.

Taking into account that each company offers different insurance products, more or less extensive, here are some of the most common guarantees:

Various types of assistance

  • medical advice by telephone;
  • reporting of a specialist medical center;
  • expenses for early return to Italy, including death;
  • travel costs of a family member to reach the hospitalised traveller;
  • sending an interpreter;
  • advance of a sum of money.

Medical expenses

Urgent hospitalizations and surgeries

Costs of transport from the scene of the accident to the hospital

Cancelling or Changing the Trip

Other additional guarantees

  1. Protection of baggage and personal effects (loss and theft).
  2. Liability while travelling (physical and material damage caused involuntarily to third parties).

Before taking out the insurance, we recommend that you always read the policy conditions carefully in order to be clear about the amount of the deductibles and the presence of any exclusions.

The deductible is the part of the damage that remains your responsibility while the word exclusions refers to all those events that are not covered by the policy.

To get a complete overview of the prices of a travel policy or simply to learn more, we recommend that you rely on a specialized insurance broker and request an online quote.

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