What Castles to Visit During a Holiday in France

One of the must-see attractions during a holiday in France are its beautiful castles, which have been built since the Middle Ages, and over the years have often been rebuilt and renovated, and which today represent the pride of the French architectural tradition, from the stages related to the rulers of the past, who lived there with the nobles of the time.

Browsing through any French tourist guide on the web, you can find an online overview of the castles of France, with all the information you need to assess in advance which are the most beautiful castles to see, or at least those that for their past history and their architecture are the most attractive, such as to make their visit a truly unique experience.

The first manor that stands out is the Falaise Castle, located in the region of Normandy, famous mainly because it is located in the town that saw the birth of William the Conqueror, who was Duke of Normandy and also the first Norman king to sit on the throne of England. The castle was abandoned in the seventeenth century, and then be seriously damaged during the Second World War, but after two renovations can now be available to visitors, who consider it one of the most beautiful in France.

Also the Castle of Montrottier attracts tourists for its particular architecture, a real medieval fortress located near Annecy, with the tower that characterizes it from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the valley. In the inner citadel there are several collections of artifacts from the Far East, with some bas-reliefs made of bronze, dating back to the Renaissance, to be the master.

One of the most famous French castles is the Castle of Amboise, which over time has seen some of the most famous European artists stay there, among which Leonardo da Vinci certainly stands out, who spent the last years of his life there, and in fact in the chapel is still preserved his tomb.

A holiday in France is not possible without a visit to its castles, which between architecture and tradition convey unique emotions, to be preserved with care in the cultural baggage of any traveler.

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